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Step by step guide to learn to bet on sports in Japan from professional bettors and sports experts. Learn the right way to bet on sports to make profits and prevent losses.

Soccer Pools
Soccer Pools

Bet on the biggest football leagues in Japan.

Horse Racing
Horse Racing

Pick the right horse for different tracks and races all over Japan.

Bicycle Racing
Bicycle Racing

Pick from the best cyclist in Japan to place the bets which will return profits for sure.

Motor Racing
Motor Racing

Make smart choices and bet on the right players to win big on the most exciting races in Japan.


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Know that gambling is prohibited in Japan, and there is no legal way to gamble. Sports betting is a well monitored and limited opportunity for players. It is done to prevent the harmful effects of gambling which can lead to addiction.

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“Hello! I have been betting on Japan Football League for more than a year now. I have made significant profits with the right advice and betting platforms which has kept me from becoming a gambler while I enjoy the excitement of supporting my favourite teams.”

Theresa R. Fields

Sport Betting

Types Sports Betting in Japan

The gambling laws in Japan are pretty complicated. Although establishing a casino is banned, you can still bet of other forms of gambling like lotteries, pachinko, and especially sports. The SPV or Sports Promotion Voting Act was passed on May 10, 1998, to legalize football pool betting on the local Japanese league, J-League. The Ministry of Education, Sports, Science & Technology is one of the regulators of this type of gambling. Since then, betting has popped up for many other sports in Japan, such as:

Horse Racing

Keiba, Horse Racing

Japan conducts three kinds of horse racing every year, which are jump racing, draft racing, and flat racing. Every major horse racing in Japan is monitored by Kapan Racing Association (JRA) to ensure the quality and efficiency of the sport. JRA has 10 major tracks around Japan and conducts the highest stake races, especially in the winter season. Bettors either bet online on their JRA account while watching the races on television or they can go to to watch the race in person and place bets over there.

Keirin, Bicycle Racing

Bicycle racing is much more popular in Japan as compared to horse racing. It has been a part of Japanese sports even before horse racing came into the picture. People in Japan are addicted to bicycle gambling system. The history of bicycle race goes back to the Second World War when cyclists would compete for several laps while paced up by a motorcycle. Keirin was also one of the events in the 2000 Olympics. There are several things that you can bet on in a Keirin such as Exacta, in which the bettors choose the exact order of the first two finishers. Quinella is when the bettors choose the first two finishers in no order. Trifecta and Trio is when the bettors choose the first three winners in particular and no particular order respectively. There are also jackpot events where one can predict for three to four races at once and win big.


Oto Resu, Motorcycle Race

It is considered as the Japanese motorcycle speedway. Gambling was one of the reasons why Oto Resu was found in the first place. It was first conducted in 1950, but in 1967 the government changed a few rules of the game to make it fairer. The riders are barred from communicating with anyone before the race and stay in dormitories from weeks before the main event. Each race has 8 riders and 6 laps. The bikes only have a two-speed gearbox, 599cc engine, and no brakes. The handlebars of the bikes are also tilted to one side as they are designed to be comfortable for riders during the continuous turns in laps.

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